About Us

The company was established in 1984 and is the result of the vision and efforts of its Chairman , Mr. Vinod Jain and the Executive Director, Mr. Sanjay Jain. Under their watch, the company has grown exponentially and gone from strength to strength so much so that a reliable and trustwort hy team has been formed over time with notable members like Mr. Rajeev Jain as the C.O.O ( Marketing ) and Mr. Rohit Jain as the C.O.O ( Production ) to carry out the efficient functioning of the company and to instill further growth.

The plant is presently engaged in the manufacture of I.V. fluids. The plant is located at Plot no. 251, Sector - 1, Industrial area Pithampur & is about 24 km from the city Indore. The company is following the GMP standards in various spheres like standardized procedures, manufacturing facilities, utilities and strict quality control at all stages of the production, thus resulting in a very high standard quality of finished product.

Ever since its establishment, company has always strived to meet the expectations of its customers. With the hard work and dedication of its work force we have come a long way. The company is now looked upon as a reliable supplier of quality products. The company has bee n in operation for the past 25 years and is run by highly technical and experienced people. The second generation is also continuing the ongoing process of quality improvement and bringing in some novel ideas of their own to enhance the growth of the company.

During the course of time, we at Sanctus have perfected the complex art of providing the community with the best quality of I.V. Fluids. Safety and quality being our prima facie we have carried out the process for over 25 years and have established ourselves in the market firmly as the provider of quality infusions worthy of doctors confidence.

Our Motto:

Energy; we put in all ours so that you never run out of it.

Our Mission:

Saving lives globally, with quality infusions

Our Values:

  • Customer satisfaction is utmost priority.
  • Provide products and services of the highest quality.
  • Dignity and equity in relationships is to maintained.
  • Safety and environment should be in accord with our operations.


With the state of the art manufacturing facility situated at Pithampur following GMP norms and engaged in manufacturing for last 25 years we are known to produce the best products of exceptional quality which are marketed both in the country and abroad. The Company has a wide range of products which ranging from 100 ml to 5000 ml in various containers such as glass & plastic. For each product realization, planning is undertaken to ensure that the product gets produced to the defined specification; this may be undertaken for a product, a family of products or specific to a contract. We have a GMP compliant facility with enough production capacity to satisfy the needs of the Govt. Tenders and Export parties. Suitably designed machines which are indigenous to the company have ensured the unique mix of quality and capacity and helped us accomplish even greater things.

Company is suitably designed, constructed and located to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and proper operations with 100% power backup . The site is provided with clean water from our Bore well which is having sufficient quantity of potable water. Adequate free land is available for further expansion and plantation. The site is free from polluting industries and is situated in a clean area.

Adequate space area is provided for the orderly placement of equipment and materials to prevent mix - ups and contamination among different raw material and finished products .


The company is committed to TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Quality management is usually defined as the aspect of management function that determines and implements the “quality policy”, i.e. the overall intention and direction of an organization regarding quality, as formally expressed and authorized by top management. The basic elements of quality management are:

  • An appropriate infrastructure or “quality system”, encompassing the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources.
  • Systematic actions necessary to ensure adequate confidence that a product (or service) will satisfy given requirements for quality. The totality of these actions is termed “quality assurance”.

Within an organization, quality assurance serves as a management tool. In contractual situations, quality assurance also serves to generate confidence in the supplier. The concepts of quality assurance, GMP and quality control are interrelated aspects of quality management.